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Friday, 07 August 2009 18:44


Nuraghe S'EGA 'E MARTEDDU "in Maladroxia, Nuragic Complex of "GRUTTI  'E  ACQUA" and" SU NIU 'E SU CROBU. "
It includes a visit to the Nuraghe "S'EGA 'E MARTEDDU'.
It is a Nuragic complex in Maladroxia divided into several towers, whose position allowed the screening of all maritime traffic that took place in the Gulf front.

The excursion continues to " GRUTTI  'E  ACQUA", an impressive Nuragic complex perched on a hill overlooking the wide and fertile plains. There are visible collapses of the ancient village of huts, while a little valley lies on the old vein spring, enclosed in a temple well-shaped where on special occasions were celebrated sacred rites. It is immersed in lush vegetation, amidst all the species belonging to the Mediterranean kind.

Not far away, towards the location named “SU NIU' E SU CROBU” it is possible to admire one of several "graves of giants" present the island of Sant'Antioco. This place still keeps intact the planimetric development, reproducing the classic “protome taurine” plant, typical of the nuragic culture.
To hike recommends a sportswear.
The hike could be integrated with the lunch, in restaurants, and visit to the Archaeological Park and the historical Archive of Sant'Antioco.
Reservations are mandatory
For more information please call No. 0781 800596 or 0781 841089.