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Friday, 07 August 2009 21:32

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Welcome to the New Ferruccio Barreca Archeological Museum of Sant’Antioco.  This project was launched in 1970, and the building was constructed three years later, funded by the Cassa del Mezziogiorno.  Around the mid 1990’s the structure came under the jurisdiction of the communal administration which, thanks to funds from the autonomous region of Sardinia, was able to complete the wall structure and installations and was also able to fit out the internal furnishings.  The museum was handed over and inaugurated to public use on the 9th of January 2006.  It is the museum of the oldest city of Sardinia, in fact its materials come from the old inhabited area of the underground necropolis and tophet.  The museum is one of a kind in Mediterranean Europe, offering a unique study of Phoenician and Punic civilisations.  It can be found in the extreme northern peripheries of Sant’Antioco, in the archeological region of the tophet.  In rooms one and two there are two screens that show images that relate to the Phoenician and Punic antiquities of Sardinia and Sant’Antioco.